kelhan Sep 21 22:47 1

Dear Dr. Tan, Thank you for providing this forum. I am male, std free, 39 yo from Indonesia. I have been experiencing pain inside the right side of my urethra. It started as a cut on my meatus from having sex with my wife. The cuts has healed completely. During the healing process, i tried to keep the meatus dry from urine by wiping it with tissue. Foolishly I also wipe the inside part of the meatus. This has caused the right side of my meatus and urethra (also right side) to be abraded and red. It is currently painful during urination. I have been checking it daily which may irritate it even more. Also, sex might have made it worse. I am currently trying to leave it alone but wonder if this helps. I am attaching a picture of the condition. I wonder if there is a medical procedure or medication that can help. Been reading that suprapubic catheterization might help. I am really looking forward to your advice. Thank you so much. Regards Kelhan

Dr. Tan

I can't see the picture. Can you make the file smaller and upload it again? I think inserting a suprapubic catheter for this is rather extreme. Leave it alone and start on some antibiotics and medicines to neutralize the pH of your urine. Most likely that will heal. Topical creams will also help.