Dr. Tan May 2 13:37 1

Dear Doc, Recently i noticed some growth on the tip of my penis but haven’t had sex for the past 10 months. Went to a specialist who thought nothing of this growth and recommended surgery to remove it but i still feel really uncomfortable about it. You mentioned that the body’s immunity usually clears the infection after some time, any estimated time duration of this self clearing and is it a sure thing(100%) that the body will clear the virus by itself? Was involved in a conversation with a friend who’s doctor but he mentioned that there is no cure for HPV and this virus will follow the patient for life. Really need your advice on this. Thanks alot pete

Dr. Tan

Are you sure you have HPV? Did the specialist tell you that the growth you had was a wart? Spontaneous clearing of HPV is not the same as spontaneous resolution of warts. It is certainly NOT a sure thing. If it happens it takes months or years. The problem is that since there is no reliable test for HPV infection in men, it is impossible to prove either way if a person still has an infection or not. That is assuming he does not have symptoms.