Dr. Tan Apr 5 12:03 1

Dear Dr. Tan, Pls help me, i was do unprotected oral sex and do the fingering to a therapist with unknown hiv status. After 6 weeks and 12 weeks (87 days) after the exposure, I did a anti-hiv test on private lab, they using MEIA,Imunokromatografi and ELFA method (information on the website). The result was negative. Is my result is conclusive?? do i need to take another test after 6 months? cause i read some article in internet, some doctor and lab suggesting to do another test 6 months after exposure. Please advice and thank you before doc.

Dr. Tan

I do not know about HIV testing in Indonesia. In Singapore, the HIV testing window period is 3 months. However, since the window period varies according to which test is used, it may be different in Indonesia. I suggest you clear this up with your local doctor.