Dr. Tan Apr 5 11:48 1

Hi i had sex with a prostitue using 2 condoms each 7 times in 2 months but now what bothers me is the last encounter i had.Previous day i had cut my finger with a razor which bled for sometime and stopped but next day while fingering i felt slight pain in the finger and i stopped.There was no bleeding but i could see the reddish colour in it.What aroused my fear was a month long sore throat and cough that i had after 2 weeks,what i need to know is that what chances are there of HIV when fingering in this conditions and the use of two condoms.

Dr. Tan

I am not worried about your finger at all. What I am worried about is that you used 2 condoms. Using 2 condoms actually increases the risk of breakage because of latex rubbing against latex. Furthermore, it has not been proven that using 2 condoms reduce HIV risk any more than just using 1. The fact is even if the condom did not break, condoms are only 85% protective against HIV. I suggest you speak to your doctor about HIV testing.