Dr. Tan Mar 25 00:48 1

Hi Doctor, I am having problem with my foreskin. When I erected the foreskin cannot be pulled back so the forehead always hide inside the foreskin. When I try to pull the foreskin back and it actaully hurts me a lot. Should I circumcise it? and where should I go? I have actually asked the panel doctor but he never gave me any advice. Please help me. Thank you very much. Best regards, Sean

Dr. Tan

You asked your doctor and he did not give you any advice? That's amazing. First you should find yourself a new doctor. Secondly, it does sound to me like you need a circumcision. However, I cannot give you medical advice over this forum. You still need to see a doctor and be properly examined before a formal recommendation for circumcision can be made. You can see me at my clinic or see any other doctor (just not the same one who saw you and did not give any advice.)