Dr. Tan Mar 25 00:44 1

Hi doc, May i ask a question: Iet say the water at the WC get into a person anal as it has not flash by the previous user will that person get infected with HIV and STD?Where the place is DSC where a lot of going there for test. Sorry for my poor English The whole situation is I wanted to do my “big business” and while release my stool it hit the water and water splash to my anal. Problem is it have not flash by the previous user and i’m afraid the previous user might have virus and contain it in the water. And unfortunately the water hit my anal when I used it.. The place is at DSC where many people go there for STD and HIV check. May I know am I in risk?

Dr. Tan

I have never heard of anyone getting infected with HIV or any other STDs via this 'exposure'. I think you are being more worried than you need to be.