Ayu Jun 8 11:40 1

Hello doctor, I had unprotected sex with hiv positive person. I tested 3 times with 4th gen duo test. 28 days, 53 days, 83 days. All negative. My biggest concern is that i have autoimmune disease: psoroisis(skin problem) And taking immunosuppressed drugs for that problem. Methotrexate for last 10 yrs(30mg/week). Will it have any affect on my test result. Should i test more to 6 months or should i consider it conclusive

Dr. Tan

Autoimmune diseases do not affect HIV. ONLY long standing immunosuppression does this and psoriasis is not one of those. In addition, methotrexate is not an immunosupressing drug. Your tests are conclusive but please stop having UNPROTECTED sex with someone who is positive. USE PROTECTION as a minimum.